UV printing on acrylic is an original and fast way to decorate commercial and residential interiors. The popularity of the technology is due to the fact that it allows you to create exclusive and durable photographic images, which are distinguished by their brightness and richness, resistance to wear and tear, and affordable price.

For UV printing on organic glass, white and color inks, as well as varnish, are used. The material itself can be matte and glossy, transparent, translucent, milky, or colored. UV printing allows you to create both smooth and embossed or 3D images using white ink and varnish.

UV printing on acrylic is used in the following areas:

  • production of advertising structures;
  • interior design;
  • decoration of doors and shop windows;
  • decoration of office partitions;
  • the decor of internal surfaces;
  • decoration of kitchen aprons and panels;
  • production of POS materials ( POSM ).

Plexiglas is a perfectly flat sheet material with a smooth surface without micropores. When applying the image, the paints do not penetrate into the base but are fixed (sealed) on it due to heat treatment with ultraviolet light.An exclusive feature of the technology is the ultra-precise reproduction of the color and tint palette. The finished images are characterized by photographic UltraHD quality – realistic, rich and even colors, excellent detail, and readability of even small images.
Plexiglas is a durable artificial material that is resistant to moisture and sun, low and high temperatures. This is the best solution for the production of advertising and POS structures with backlighting – illuminated signs and acrylates, city lights, and lightboxes. Combining acrylic with UV printing, lighting and engraving allow you to create designer products with unique visualization.

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